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Burlington, WA Area TV Broadcast Stations*

Ordered By Channel:

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3CBUT2TVChilliwack , BC(edit)  Wiki
3DK03FCTXDeming, WA(edit)  Wiki
6CHEKTVTVVictoria, BC(edit)  Wiki
11CHANTV1TXChilliwack , BC(edit)  Wiki
12KVOS-TVTVBellingham , WA(edit)  Wiki
14CBUFT6TVChilliwack , BC(edit)  Wiki
19KBCBDTBellingham , WA(edit)  Wiki
24KBCBTVBellingham , WA(edit)  Wiki
MNTTXEverett, WA(edit)  Wiki
MNTTXEverett, WA(edit)  Wiki
35KVOS-TVDTBellingham , WA(edit)  Wiki
36FOX / TBN / CBS / ABC / MNT / T / A1 / PBS / TF / NBC / TVA / RTN / DAY / CW / LeSEA / CTVN / ION / UNI / AZT / CTN / TCT / netwo / MTV2 / ALMTXChilliwack , BC(edit)  Wiki
36DK36BOTXDeming, WA(edit)  Wiki
TXBellingham , WA(edit)  Wiki
CWTXPort Townsend, WA(edit)  Wiki
CBS / RTNTXEverett, WA(edit)  Wiki
CWTXPort Townsend, WA(edit)  Wiki

*Broadcast stations within 50 miles of city center. Reception depends upon station power and the type, position, and orientation of both station and receiving antennae.

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